Mystery shoppers are all over the country and even all over the world!  Most likely, you have a friend or an acquaintance who performs mystery shops,and you may not even know it. What inspires so many people to take part in mystery shopping?  There are many reasons to mystery shop! Here are a few:

1. Extra Income – The opportunity to earn additional money outside of your regular day job is, of course, a good reason to mystery shop.  However,there are numerous other ways to earn extra money, so that cannot be the only motivation for so many people being drawn into mystery shopping.


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2. Helping Businesses – When you mystery shop, you are allowing businesses to see what areas need improvement and in what areas they are proficient. You get to be the eyes and ears for managers and business owners, allowing them to know what is going on throughout their locations.

3. Helping Employees – When you receive excellent service from an employee, the work of that fantastic employee, which would usually go unrecognized,will be seen by managers or business owners. When you receive poor service from an employee, the managers or business owners who see your report will know how to help that employee succeed in the future.

4. Having Fun – Though mystery shopping is a big responsibility, it can also be big fun.  Mystery shopping gives you the opportunity to explore businesses that you may not have visited on your own. You might discover your favorite restaurant or your favorite retail location through a shop. You also get a chance to view service through different eyes.

5. All The Cool Kids Are Doing It – Though your parents always told you that this was a terrible reason to do anything, when it comes to mystery shopping,it’s a wonderful reason! A lot of great people are already mystery shopping. If you are one of those great people, why did you get into mystery shopping?

If you are hesitant about taking the leap into this great opportunity to make your voice heard, what is holding you back?   When you are ready to experience the wonderful world of mystery shopping, you can sign up as a mystery shopper at  Choose the Shoppers drop down menu and click on the New Shopper Sign Up.

Written by Deborah Cambpell