By Amanda Hendrix-Black, Customer Impact Editor

Mystery shoppers take their shopping very seriously. For obvious reasons. Some people are full-time shoppers, so it’s their monthly paycheck! Of course, that doesn’t exclude them, or any of us, from the common mistakes that are made.

While we’re all being very serious and systematic about shopping, it’s nice to laugh at ourselves too. When we remember that everyone makes a goofy mistake from time to time, it makes the methodical stuff less stressful.

Here are a few examples of common mistakes we see in reports that often result in a little laughter. NOTE: These are not exact quotes and are only examples of common errors.

1. Misspelling Dessert.

“I was excited about diving into the large desert.” I wonder if that’s what Aladdin thought…


2. The overuse of a particular word.

“The Chocolate Cake was warm and fresh. The cake was served neatly on the plate and did not taste like a frozen cake. The chocolate icing on the cake was evenly spread and very sweet. The cake was a great ending to the meal, and we really enjoyed the cake.”

Was there cake involved somewhere in there?


3. Too many quotations.

“The restaurant had a very “upscale” vibe. The lighting was “just right,” and no bulbs were burnt out. The dining room was well kept, and the tables and chairs had a “rustic” feeling to them. There was no debris on the floors. The restrooms were “fresh.” The room was also well stocked.”


4. Missing letters.

“The manager was a Caucasian male. He stood about 5’8”, wore glasses, and had dark, back hair.”


5. Forgetting that commas are very important.

“While we were eating Jessica was unobtrusive.”I bet she was. Poor Jessica.


6. Again with the commas.

“Brian was a Hispanic male, stood about 5’5”, was in his early 20’s, and had long hair with glasses.”


7. Misspellings will get you every time.

“The Crap Soup was served in a white bowl. It had lots of vegetables. The crap soup was even a little spicy.”

So if you learn anything from this, mystery shoppers, remember that mistakes are common and commonly funny. If you’re looking to learn something else, remember that spell check and Microsoft Word are your best friends.