By Daniel Price, Customer Impact Project Manager

It feels like just last week was New Years. I look down at the calendar and see we are roaring into March already! I hope everyone has been making good on their resolutions so far. One of Customer Impact’s 2015 goals was to have a Webinar every quarter with shoppers in various regions of the country. In February, I took part in hosting our very first webinar for some of our Florida and Georgia shoppers, along with Amanda Morrissey, Amber Simmons, and Danielle Parks. We were able to talk with shoppers and discuss various issues related to mystery shopping. We also did a shopper drawing and gave away a $25 Starbucks gift card to one lucky attendee. Congratulations to Christina from Florida!

The turnout was so great that we split the webinar up into 2 sessions! One of the main goals was be able to provide yet another way to continue to build the bridge of communication between Customer Impact and all of our wonderful shoppers. While we always encourage emails and phone calls from you so we can answer any questions pertaining to specific shops, or mystery shopping in general, this was a way for us to plan an informative and instructive session to discuss specific clients in the Florida/Georgia area, as well as help pull back the curtain and let shoppers better understand how the Mystery Shopping Company handles situations, and why certain things are the way they are. Oftentimes shoppers may not understand why photos are required on a specific shop, or why they have to sit at the physical bar, etc. These answers usually are very simple, and make a lot of sense. The webinar was a great way to continue to build on the foundation that makes Customer Impact and its shoppers such a great team.


The biggest benefit, however, was being able to answer questions from shoppers throughout the webinar. We were able to do it in a group forum, where all types of questions were presented. Many shoppers may not have ever thought to ask a specific question, but were able to get answers. It also helped reinforce just how great our shoppers are. The questions were fantastic, and we really enjoyed learning about the shoppers as well. This helps us in many aspects of the company. Most importantly, by gauging what types of questions were asked the most, we can continue to improve guidelines or shop comments to help answer those ahead of time.

Our biggest shopper related New Year’s Resolution started off with a great success. We are currently deciding where the Webinar will be during the 2nd quarter, so be sure to check your emails if the next one is in your region. We would love to have you!


Featured Image by: Stuart Miles @