On March 4th, the Mystery Shopping Providers Association launched its shopper membership category. There are currently approximately 1,500 shoppers who have taken advantage of the membership. The goal of this membership is to create a better working relationship between providers and shoppers. We encourage all Customer Impact mystery shoppers to join MSPA and become an active member in the industry. There are two ways you can join below.

Certified Shoppers: If you have earned your silver or gold certification prior to March 1, 2013, you can join MSPA for FREE until June 4. To take advantage and activate your membership, Click Here, and be sure to use the Promotion Code: cert2013.

Shoppers: If you would like to join MSPA and become silver certified, Click Here, and the $20 fee includes silver certification and shopper membership in MSPA.

It truly is a great time to become a member of MSPA.

The Shopper Member category of MSPA-NA is a growing and ever-changing program.  After becoming a member of MSPA, you will have:

  • Access to “The Mystery Times” bimonthly newsletter with news and human interest stories about your fellow shoppers across North America
  • Access to the shopper social network “The Listening Post” housed on the MSPA website and only available to certified shopper members
  • Information to assist and grow your business as a mystery shopper
  • Constant updates on legislation impacting your status as an independent contractor and business person in today’s economic climate
  • Access to the ever changing Shopper Member Only section on the website that will give you immediate access to new programs and services offered to shopper members through MSPA
  • The opportunity to join forces with your fellow shoppers and mystery shopping provider companies to exchange ideas on growing and improving the mystery shopping industry
  • Membership in MSPA puts companies and shoppers together to communicate and work closer together for the good of the mystery shopping industry.

It has taken many years to make this a reality so we hope you take advantage of the offer to get involved.  We are all in this together so make your voice heard.

Mike Green – President Customer Impact



Featured Image by: FreeDigitalPhotos