Written by Amanda Morrissey – Customer Impact Editing Manager

As a mystery shopper, you may often ask yourself the question, “How can I learn more about this business in order to become a better, more successful, shopper?” Well, the MSPA has devised one way for you to do just that: Shopper Certification! The MSPA, or Mystery Shopping Providers Association, is an organization founded to represent not only hundreds of mystery shopping companies around the world, but also thousands of independent contractors just like you. Their goal is to continually grow and improve the business, and one of the best ways to do that is to ensure that all mystery shoppers have the knowledge required to be the best they can be.



There are two levels of certification, Silver and Gold. Silver Certification is the first step. The Silver certification cost $20 thru MSPA and is an easy way to ensure that you have a basic understanding of mystery shopping in general and can follow instructions, as required for you to complete assignments properly. It is a simple skills test that you can take right on your computer at home. Gold Certification is the second step and is available as an online training video, which you can purchase from the MSPA for $75. It features mystery shopping guru Cathy Stucker, who will walk you through a workshop covering subjects such as how to communicate with mystery shopping companies, how to write a more complete report, note-taking during assignments, keeping track of your mystery shopping schedule, etc. Thousands of shoppers have taken advantage of this program and improved their mystery shopping skills, making themselves more marketable to MSPA member companies and more effective mystery shoppers.



Certification is not required for you to be a good mystery shopper, by any means. However, it will help you hone your skills, become more successful and sets you apart from the other no-certified shoppers. No company will turn you down for shops if you are not certified, but it does help you make yourself more appealing to new companies who do not know your shopping record. If you are new to this industry and looking to expand your knowledge, get your foot in the door with many mystery shopping providers and just generally become more a successful shopper, then this is definitely for you! Visit the MSPA website at www.mysteryshop.org to get started today, then sign up as a newly certified shopper with Customer Impact at www.customerimpactinfo.com!



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