Written by Patsy Grant, Customer Impact Scheduler

This summer, rather than taking a vacation from mystery shopping, take mystery shopping along on your vacation.  You can experience new restaurants, casinos, theme shops, and even popular amusement parks.   You’ll recoup shop expenses and make a little extra to boot, which will help you stretch your vacation budget.

Customer Impact offers a variety of restaurant shops, hospitality shops, and retail shops in states across the country, at airport terminals, and we even have some international shops.  From the Jersey Shore to Hawaii, New York to Florida, Washington State to California, Texas to Aruba…Wherever you are headed this summer, chances are good that we have shops available.



Are you planning to take the family to a theme park or an amusement park?  We can help make that more affordable with shops at waterparks, sea life & wild life centers, wax museums, amusement parks, and aquariums in AZ, CA, FL, GA, IL, NM, MO, and TX.  Shops typically include two entrance tickets and food, some also include ride photos, and even souvenirs.

If you’re thinking of a more grown up adventure, we have shops at casinos in CT, FL, NY, OH, and PA.  All the casinos have fine dining shops available; some even have casino floor & lounge shops as well.

If international travel is on your horizon, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that we have very desirable fine dining steak house shops in Aruba, Cabo San Lucas, Calgary, Cancun, Dubai, Hong Kong, Kaohsiung, Kowloon, San Salvador, Singapore, Taichung, Taipei, and Tokyo.

Whether you’re winging it out of town for business or for pleasure, we have opportunities for you to pick up fast-casual seafood shops from a premiere seafood restaurant at the following airports:  Boston Logan Airport, Charlotte Douglas International Airport, Harrisburg International Airport, Hartsfield’s Jackson Atlanta, Newark International Airport, Norfolk International Airport, Savannah-Hilton Head International Airport, and Thurgood Marshall Baltimore-Washington Airport.


When you apply for shops that are a long way from your hometown, let your scheduler know that you’ll be traveling.  As always, good communication with your scheduler is key to getting shop assignments and to making sure that everything goes smoothly.  If you have any special requests, it’s best to make those when applying for the shops. Also, check out your portable devices while you are still at home to make sure that you will be able to submit reports on the road.  Many hotels and libraries also offer free computer and internet access.

To include mystery shopping in your travel plans, go to www.customerimpactinfo.com, log onto your shopper account, go to the job board and do a search  by state or zip code to find jobs in the areas you’ll be traveling.  Customer Impact wishes all of our shoppers a safe and adventure filled summer!


Featured Image by FreeDigitalPhotos