By Daniel Price, Customer Impact Scheduler

Often times in mystery shopping, as well as in many aspects of life, we don’t accurately value the mundane and daily tasks we take for granted. It is easy to understand the value of a paycheck. You are receiving money in hand, and it is going into your account. This wealth can be measured easily. However, basic economics teaches us that you need to put monetary value on everything you do.

When it comes to mystery shopping, a regular restaurant shop will offer meal reimbursement, plus often come with a fee to complete the report and the shop. Many times, shoppers only view the fee and think that the shop is only worth that price. They don’t properly measure the value of the reimbursement for the meal and the benefits of that. You’re going to eat dinner, whether you do a mystery shop or not. The reimbursement is payment for food you would otherwise have had to pay for out of your own pocket. That’s worth every bit as much as the report fee!

You can even extend this further, measuring the value of the time you get to spend out with a friend or loved one  If you take your spouse out for a fine dining mystery shop, this is an opportunity to try a place you may normally never get to try.  There is great value to a night out, enjoying your time together over a nice meal!

time is money

 Life is what you make of it. Don’t sell yourself, or your time, short. Everything has value. In the world of mystery shopping, reimbursements are every bit as valuable as the shop fee itself, monetarily speaking. The benefit of eating out and spending time with someone you care about is also relevant and important. It is essential to properly value everything you do in life, mystery shopping included. There is value to your experiences, even if it doesn’t come in the form of a paycheck!

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