By Danielle Parks, Customer Impact Editor

What comes to your mind when you think of mystery shopping?  If you’re like me and watch too much TV, you might think mystery shopping looks a little something like a stereotypical Sherlock Holmes scene, complete with hiding in the shadows, sneaking around looking for clues, and a giant magnifying glass.


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While mystery shopping is not a world of elaborate disguises, arch nemeses, or, sadly, Benedict Cumberbatch (or Robert Downey Jr, Jeremy Brett, take your pick!), there is at least one similarity between mystery shopping and our favorite detective’s work ethic.

Mr. Holmes often times did not work alone, and neither does the mystery shopper.  Just think what Sherlock would be without Dr. John Watson!  We offer many mystery shopping opportunities that fully welcome the shopper to bring someone along with them.  In fact, often times it is required!

Just like Sherlock has Watson as his right hand man, so should you utilize your mystery shopping partner.  Going to a location in pairs may not only help you to blend in with the normal customers, but this will also help you with the shop itself.  This Watson-like guest of yours will help you remember the details and keep track of clues.  I mean…information. You could go into the shop with a strategy, splitting up the list of details that you know you’ll have to report later.  For example, one could be in charge of employee names and descriptions, and the other could be in track of how long the different steps of service take.  Having a partner who is fully aware of what needs to be done for the task at hand will be undoubtedly beneficial for the shopper.

Want to test your detective skills?  Sign up today to be a mystery shopper at It is, after all, elementary, my dear readers.



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