Studies have shown that personalizing your workspace can have an impact on not only job satisfaction, but on employee performance as well. Decorating your desk can make it feel more homey, and may even help you make a new friend by sparking conversation over previously unrealized shared interests.

So you’re all ready to decorate your space, but not sure how to start? Here are five ways to make your office space more personal:

  • Bring something living into your space. While not all offices are pet-friendly, most will allow small plants in the workspace. Even if you’re far from a window, many species will thrive on only the fluorescent office lighting. Watching your plant flourish can give you a small sense of accomplishment throughout your day. Worried that you can’t keep a plant alive? Marimos and succulents are both very resilient and flourish in artificial lighting.

Spruce up Your Workspace


  • Espresso yourself. Since a lot of us are fueled primarily by caffeine, there’s no reason that your go-to coffee cup has to be plain. The designs, phrases, and logos of coffee cups are nearly unlimited, so you should have no problem finding one that lets you show a little bit of your personality.
  • Give yourself some inspiration. Bring pictures to your desk to remind you why you do what you do. Pictures of family or friends can help keep you going, even when Monday just won’t quit. Inspirational quotes are also a good way to keep yourself motivated, whether they’re written on a sticky note or painted on a framed art print.
  • Who says office supplies have to be boring? Unique or interesting office supplies can be found in many stores and help make your desk a little more personal, while simultaneously being functional. As a huge fan of sticky notes, as well as cats, the cat shaped sticky note holder I keep on my desk makes me smile every time I reach for a sticky note. On a similar note (no pun intended), mousepads are another quick way to show a little personality. You can find mousepads with images of anything from animals, to sports teams, to scenic views easily. You can even custom-design them with your own picture.
  • Bring on the knickknacks. All those quirky thrift store finds, sports memorabilia, and figurines finally have a place. Does it make you smile? Bring it to your desk to cheer you up at work. It doesn’t have to have a job to have a place on your desk.

What are some of your favorite workplace decorations? Do you have a favorite coffee cup or cute figurine you keep on your desk that you want to share with us?