By Mike Green

As an ex-waiter in college, I have always believed in tipping and tipping generously for a job well done. I am passionate about customer service and pay for it when received. Truth be told I still tip 20% even when I get average service just because I remember how tough it was having my entire life based on the tips I made each night. Last month, I went to Australia where tipping is not common. You only tip in restaurants when service is above average. This was tough for me but got easy very quickly as I saw the level of service offered. To put it simply – with a no tipping culture, service was HORRIBLE!!! There is no motivation to please the customers.

In full service and fine dining restaurants, the servers basically took your order, dumped your food and handed you a check if you were lucky. In pubs which are on every corner, you go to the bar, order with the bartender, they give you a number and deliver your food. That is it. For most places, you go get your own silverware, water etc. Refills are not even an option. To make matters worse, the prices are crazy with a hamburger averaging about $15. Instead of tipping, they simply build the cost of service into the food. CRAZY! I quickly realized how spoiled we are in the U.S. When you receive above average or memorable service, thank the server and TIP THEM BIG! It is getting harder and harder to find great servers.

Feature Image by: FreeDigitalPhotos