By Deborah Campbell

That is the question.  In this day and age, almost all restaurants have a pick up or delivery option, allowing us to enjoy the food that we love in the comfort of our own home, yet restaurants all over the country are still often packed with patrons.  What causes us to so often venture outside of our homes to eat our meals when it is extremely easy for us to get our food to go?  Some people enjoy restaurant dining for the lively atmosphere.  Others enjoy the change of scenery from their overly familiar dining room tables.

I personally enjoy restaurant dining because it allows me to give over stress and responsibilities to someone else for an hour or two.  I do not have to worry about preparing food, washing dishes or even throwing away trash.  If I accidentally spill something, someone will soon be there to help me clean it up.  I do not even have to refill my own drink!  Going out to eat, especially with friends or loved ones, gives me a chance to simply focus on them and not on the time consuming aspects of preparing a meal, being a hostess or cleaning.  Do you prefer dining in or ordering food to go?  Why do you enjoy one more than the other?



Featured Image by: FreeDigitalPhotos