by Adrienne Dobson

Aside from online dating aficionados, what kind of person engages in constant email contact with multiple people whom they have never met? Well the correct answer to that would be MYSTERY SHOPPERS! Most secret shoppers are signed up with dozens of companies. Within each company, a shopper is guaranteed to interact with at least a few different schedulers and editors. Multiply that by all the companies a shopper is signed up with, put all of those people in a room, and you’ve got quite a party on your hands! Don’t believe me? Just stop by the MSPA’s upcoming conference in San Antonio, TX, and we’ll prove it to you!

As a member of the mystery shopping world, we know firsthand how hard it can be to begin and maintain relationships with people whose faces you’ve never seen. So how do we go about fixing this? Well there are a few options available if you would like to have a more personal connection with your MSC.

mspa Join MSPA! The MSPA (Mystery Shopping Providers Association) is an association mostly made up of mystery shopping companies, but SHOPPERS can now join as well! This membership offers a lot of great benefits, INCLUDING the option of joining the annual MSPA conference. The upcoming conference will take place in San Antonio, TX on September 24-26. We would love to see you there! Go to to learn more.

Attend an IMSC Conference! The IMSC (Independent Mystery Shoppers Coalition) is an organization of mystery shoppers who work tirelessly just to help other mystery shoppers! The IMSC hosts conferences across the country, and you will find some of your favorite MSCs there. It’s wonderful to see the feedback our shoppers have after attending these conferences. The Las Vegas conference is typically the most highly attended. Go to to learn more.

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 On that note, here is a quick and hasty introduction to your team at Customer Impact!

Back row: Cameron Moser (editor) Scott Hiller (Founder) Mike Green (Founder)
Middle row: Patsy Grant (scheduler) Deborah Campbell Green (editor) Danielle Parks (editor)
Front row: Jessica Vargas (scheduler) Adrienne Dobson (THAT’S ME!) Barbry Booth (scheduler)
Not pictured: Amanda Morrissey (excused because she had just recently given birth to beautiful little Luca Morrissey)
Steven Cooley (excused because we hadn’t hired him yet… welcome aboard Steven!)