Written by Cameron Moser

The purpose of mystery shopping is to evaluate companies’ customer service and point out any flaws or weaknesses that may be present. It is a very easy way to see a business from the eyes of the consumer. This information helps companies know what is being provided to the customer and how that service is perceived. What it is really good at doing is improving the average shopping experience for the everyday customer.



Customer service is what helps companies gain loyal customers and improves the experience for everyone who visits. Employees become the face of a company and exceptional service can cause the company to create a positive reputation in the community. Depending on the type of store, quality customer service could provide a wealth of information that you would not otherwise receive. This is true for almost any type of mystery shop that you can be a part of. For example, clothing stores could provide information about the fabric options available and which are more durable. Grocery stores can offer recipes for a dish that you would have to dig through the Internet to find on your own. Every establishment has more than just a product to give. There is a wealth of information that can be provided to enhance the customer’s experience and make them wiser in their everyday shopping.

Poor customer service shuts the door between the shopper and the company. But positive customer service opens the door for the shopper, where trust can be established with the company and the shopper may gain knowledge that they may otherwise never receive. It’s never too late to become a mystery shopper and help a local company reach their highest potential. Sign up today at www.customerimpactinfo.com and check out www.mysteryshop.org to see what other companies are available in your area!