by Maegen Clemens

During a recent interview, James Coney Island (JCI) Director of Training and Human Resources, Paul Dondlinger, expressed his appreciation for the mystery  shopping industry. There are many tools to  measure customer perceptions and JCI feels mystery shopping is the best. In fact, they feel the quality of customer service provided by their  employees today would not be the same without the help of you!  “We get  interesting  feedback and information about things we overlooked. Mystery shopping allows us to see our business through their eyes,” said Dondlinger. For some companies, evaluations are often tied to manager bonuses. At JCI, it’s the heart of their bonus plan and gives managers a way to compete against one another. For business looking to  add mystery shopping into their   customer service initiatives, Dondlinger says, “They should give it a shot because, it would give them a lot of  valuable feedback and identify areas of strength and  weakness. Overall, your evaluations are making an impact by recognizing individuals and helping improve customer  service levels. We appreciate our shoppers and so do the clients! Thanks again for  everything you do.